The Last 27 Years: The Podcast chronicling the lives of students from Class of 1995 Sydney Girls High School

Conversations with now 40 somethings from Class of 1995 at Sydney Girls High School, about what has happened in their lives over the past 27 years. There’s some fabulous stories, all about what makes a life from high school to the mid 40’s. I believe there is something unique about our micro-generation and I want to see if I can find out exactly what that is. We’re talking careers, relationships, marriages, illnesses, children, no children, IVF, PND, neurodiversity, gender identity, stories of events, struggles, challenges, lessons, wisdom.... Life is what happens whilst you’re busy making other plans right?! If you want to find out what happened to these Generation X kids, check this out - episodes dropping weekly from September 1st 2022!

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Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Elyssa is a remedial massage therapist in the Blue Mountains and the owner of Massage and Soul. She also works as a disability support worker, likes to sing, dance and has a rescue greyhound, Coco. Her life motto is to help people feel a little bit better whether that’s through massage, friendly chat in the community or participating in one of her many hobbies.

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Back in the 90's you might remember Karina for her Tuba playing. Today Karina owns her own IT consulting business and is the mother of two boys. She has degrees in teaching, arts, science and wrote a thesis on music as a language. However, Karina's journey also includes having needed to overcome the greatest health obstacle I think I've heard about in a long time. Here is Episode 12.
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Thursday Nov 10, 2022

Today, Zoe owns a digital marketing business, ‘Lulu loves Digital’ (..does she really love it though?) and puts a lot of thought into parenting the aformentioned Lulu, who loves baking 🥰
If you want to hear what happened to take us from Zoe Crane in the 90's to the Zoe Pester of today, here is Episode 11.
It was a really fun episode to record!! ...difficult to edit lol
And I’d like to dedicate this episode to actress, author and teacher Bobby Gledhill, who passed away in September this year.

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Kate is an Art curator with a passion for photography, today living in Tasmania. In this episode, Kate is brave and candid about challenges she's faced and overcome. Prepare yourself for some harsh realities with this episode, but I love that Kate has grown into the woman and mother she always wanted to be. Growth and change and overcoming obstacles we encounter, define all of our lives if we are on a path to our highest self. This episode is a beautiful reminder of the darkness and that we can step into the light.
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Thursday Oct 27, 2022

Sasha has multiple passions - extraordinary "swanky" food as an experience, fabricating items from scratch and supporting the wellbeing of LGBTQI+ youth through fundraising events. They're even going back to uni to do a double degree to better support young people. There's so much more and I hope you guys enjoy this catch up as much as I did recording it.
Enjoy x
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Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Riyong Kim has 4 degrees including a PhD, she's been part of humanitarian aid during times of genocide and natural disasters. Her life would make an incredible book. She currently advises the European Union on environmental issues. She often had me out of the present moment and off into the land of ..."what was I doing when I was 25?" type thoughts..... But it is pretty jaw-dropping stuff Riyong has been involved with. I loved hearing her last 27 years and i hope you do as well.
Enjoy x

Sunday Oct 16, 2022

Riani is a primary school teacher and mother of 6 - BUT she hated homeschooling. Phew! lol
This down to earth woman came out with the grestest queste that belongs on a T-Shirt "It's easy to raise turds" pmsl

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Chrissy is a well travelled-sometimes photographer raising multiple kids with her partner, David. She's creative and intelligent, promotes slow living and one of those rare people who makes one feel calmer after spending time with them. Chrissy has been responsible for all the promotional photos for the podcast so far and I thank her so much.
Enjoy xx

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

It took me ages to remember Natasha's maiden name - Clarke! That was it!! lolWell Natasha is one of those rare individuals who was born knowing to follow her intuition and allow herself to be guided to where she is meant to be. So her life is a beautiful case of being in the right place at the right time. I learned a lot through my conversation with Natasha and i hope you all get as much out of it as I did!

Thursday Sep 22, 2022

This is #episode4 of #thelast27years #podcast on #podbean #spotify #rss and #soundcloud This week's episode features former engineer Heather Clement, who designed the flying carpet roof over the Chicago Art Institute.


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